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"Helped me secure a position with a 40% increase in salary"
"The principles outlined by David Wright on resume writing and career networking not only helped me land the career I was looking for in international business, but helped me secure a position with a 40% increase in salary. His advice on building a problem-solving resume with tailored objectives was instrumental in getting my resume through the door and onto interview number two and three. I recommend David's book to anyone searching for that dream job that they believed was beyond reach. Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves will help you land it."

Rebecca Kloss, Atlanta, GA

"This (book) brings it ALL TOGETHER in one tidy place"

"There are many resources for your career, but this one brings it ALL TOGETHER in one tidy place. That was a BIG seller for me buying it and later for why I thought I got my money's worth. This well organized resource is an invaluable tool for helping you think outside the box and get started in a new job, company, or career."

Anthony Bradley, Manager, Career Services, Broad-Minded Business (Japan)

"I got a great job after sending out only three resumes!"

"Before I read Get A Job!, I had sent out HUNDREDS of resumes, with very few callbacks. After following the advice in the book, I sent out THREE and got a job I love!"
K.W., Lawrenceville, GA

"Invaluable in helping me advance in my career"

"David Wright's book, Get a Job!, is an excellent resource for job seekers, whether it is individuals looking to find a new job or seasoned professionals looking for career advancement. Get a Job! is filled with numerous strategies on how to begin a job search all the way through negotiating a better offer. His book and career coaching have been invaluable in helping me advance in my career. I now serve as a Director for a large multinational corporation. Thanks David for all the guidance and mentorship!"

David Kan, Atlanta, GA

"Full of useful, actionable information"

"David Wright's book, Get a Job!, has been extremely useful in helping me organize and direct my career transition. It is full of useful, actionable information that provide structure and a disciplined approach for job seekers and career transitioning profesionals in today's market! I recommend it as an effective primer to anyone in need of direction, focus and an actionable approach."

Wes King, Bellflower, CA

"putting every bit of energy you have into your chosen career will pay off"

"David is clearly a leader and visionary. He has helped me...make the most of my abilities, both within the company I work for and my own company. As Dave points out in his book, responsiveness to change and putting every bit of energy you have into your chosen career will pay off."

Jeremy Beck, Chicago, IL

"Helped me get more responses from recruiters and companies"

"I do appreciate your help with the resume. I certainly feel that your changes helped me get more responses from recruiters and companies alike."

Chris Yueh, Atlanta, GA

"His expertise helped me get a better job."

"I met up with Mr. David Wright to help me improve the layout of my resume. He pointed out very good points on my resume and mentioned some key words that needed to be on the resume. His expertise helped me get a better job. I do recommend to get his book. It's very helpful."
Ghassan Dalloul, Roswell, GA

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Get A Job! Paperback

job title, keywords
city, state, zip
jobs by job search

And now for a novel approach: a cover letter and resume for the book itself, applying for the "job" of helping you Get A Job!

You're about to learn job search secrets most people don't have a clue even exist...

If you want to stand out above your job search competitors, learn how to write a powerful resume that gets you noticed for all the right reasons, with a cover letter that grabs attention and other tips and tactics for every step of the job search from finding jobs to job interview questions all the way through salary negotiations and how to start off in the best way possible, read on.

Disclaimer: this cover letter is a bit longer than you would actually use in a real job search. I chose to make it longer to help show as much value as I could in just one web page. There is also a sneak peek inside so you can see the very thorough table of contents and index for the book.

Cover Letter - Resume - Free Bonuses

Ms. Youneeda Goodjob

Job Seeker

YOU, Inc.

1234 Your St.

Yourtown, ST 12345

Dear Ms. Goodjob:

I am writing to you because you are looking for a better job, maybe because you are in a dead-end job or in imminent danger of being downsized, laid off, or fired. Perhaps you have grown beyond your current position but there is no opportunity for growth where you are currently working. Or maybe you are not just underemployed - you have already become unemployed. Possibly you are happy where you are, but have no idea where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, or even 2 years. Maybe it has been a while since you have looked for a job and don't know how much the job search and recruitment game has changed and you need practical employment tips. Whatever the case, I am confident that I can help you. I'm applying for the job of giving you career advice, helping you with your career and getting you the dream job you deserve.

I'm a book entitled Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves. I help people find better jobs, write great resumes (or CVs) and cover letters, and help people research companies and perform better in job interviews. Since even before I was published, I've helped many job seekers get the dream jobs they've been looking for, make more money, move forward in their careers, and strategize on how they can position themselves for promotions, lateral moves, international roles, and new jobs in exciting companies. I've included a number of recommendations and testimonials on this website below my resume. I've even helped people secure 40% or more increases in salary!

Face it, it doesn't matter what color your parachute is if it doesn't open! Are you worried that a resume for dummies will only lead to a job for a complete idiot? You don't need resume magic - you need real-world advice that really works, so you can too! Why settle for a damn good resume when you need a great resume? You don't need 201 resumes - you just need the few that work for you and that are highly targeted to the dream job you are searching for.

I don't mean to be harsh - bluntly forward, yes, but harsh? No. This is something that I feel strongly about and it's SO important! It boils down to a choice - are you going to drift along your career like a jellyfish in the ocean, hoping you'll end up someplace nice, and hoping that your boss will "give" you a raise? Or are you going to be proactive and take charge of your career path, and both start earning what you are worth and make yourself worth more and more (and earn more and more) each year? Are you going to relish going to work each day, knowing that you're providing more and more for your family, working towards your future, saving & investing for retirement, and so on, or are you going to keep complaining about how hard it is, dreading Mondays, and wondering how you're going to keep living paycheck to paycheck?

I am confident that I would be an excellent fit for your job search needs. In order to help you make your decision as easily as possible, I've taken the time to outline your requirements as I understand them, and have addressed each of them with how I can help you.

An effective cover letter to get the attention of recruiters, hiring managers, and key decision-makers. Full of accurate, current information and advice on how to write cover letters that showcase your skills and experience, customized to the job you're applying for, that really grab the reader's attention and help you get the job interviews you need.
A powerful resume that positions your skills, experience, and accomplishments in the best light so you'll get called in for more interviews, faster. Clear, easy-to-read book written by a seasoned professional with the knowledge of how to write a resume that gets you noticed and helps avoid the pitfalls that so many resumes contain (you know, the resumes that end up in the garbage can instead of orientation day and new hire training).
"Secret knowledge", tips and advice to help you better leverage people, processes and technology to make your job search easier, faster, and accomplished with less effort. Real-world advice that really works, so you can too! I've examined the job search from a process improvement standpoint and identified ways to streamline & improve the job search process, reducing the effort required to Get A Job! Networking tips, technology tips, and more are covered in enough detail to make a real difference in your job search, but not so much detail that you'll fall asleep reading it! Some of the advice in the book I've NEVER seen anywhere else!
Convenient, portable formats whether you prefer a paperback or e-book. 346-page paperback book full of resources, tools, tips, and advice. Searchable e-book available for instant download any time, day or night, with active links to save you time and effort. Mobipocket version so you can read it on the go - even as a quick refresher just before the interview, as convenient as your cell phone.
Solid return on investment (after all, in this economy every penny you spend matters more than ever!)Backed up by a 100%, 365 - 1/4 day guarantee! For example, take the case of the person who earned a 40% increase in salary after my help. Now of course I would never reveal her actual salary, but let's assume she was making $50K / year, and is now at $70K/ year (not counting bonuses, performance incentives, better benefits, satisfaction of working in her dream job, etc.). Get A Job! costs only $27.95, which would be (in the case above) a benefit of $20,000, or a 71,556% ROI.
Current information about what matters now in a job search. Up-to-date information on how to find a job NOW - not just using old-school methods (though I'll be sure to help you use the time-tested ones that work) but also practical, step-by-step information on how to use the latest Web 2.0 applications, social networking sites, video sites, and more to help you Get A Job! Fast!
Resources on where to find company contacts, information, recruiters, websites and more. Over 80 sources on where to find information on a company including how their business is doing, key contacts within companies, their corporate strategy, financial outlook, employee hiring rates & attrition rates, client reviews of their products & services, and more. 160+ international organizations for you job seekers working overseas or looking for an international job. Departments of Labor throughout the U.S. And a giant list of over 860 recruiters and staffing firms around the world, categorized by industry and area of expertise so that you don't waste your time sending your resume to a recruiter that can't help you.
Peace of mind knowing that you're not going to get ripped off, taken advantage of, or waste your money on something that won't help you. I come with a better-than-100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you're not satisfied (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't be) at any time within 90 days, I will refund 100% of the purchase price, PLUS you still get to keep ALL of the bonuses. Furthermore, PayPal protects buyers 100% against unauthorized payments sent from their accounts.
Extra bonuses to help you maximize the results you get from your job search with the least amount of time and effort. Over $475.82 in free bonuses when you purchase the book by midnight,

My resume is below for your review. I look forward to helping you with your job search and your career.


Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves

By David B. Wright

P.S. If you've already decided to get started by buying the paperback version, click here to purchase it now. If you'd prefer the e-book version in instantly downloadable PDF format,

Or, if you'd prefer the Mobipocket version, instantly available on your Smart Phone or PDA, go here now.

P.P.S. This cover letter is longer than you'd actually use in your job search. I wanted to make sure that your personal needs and requirements were listed, and to address each one of them so that you’d more easily reach the decision to buy the book now and give your job search and your career the kick-start that it deserves!

P.P.P.S. If you need more personal assistance with your career strategy, your resume, cover letter, job search, and more, contact David B. Wright now via his Facebook profile to discuss your needs, budget and how we can work together to make your goal a reality.





Summary: Special expertise in resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job search and career strategy. Innovative, clearly organized, results-oriented book with broad international experience in company research, job search strategy, networking, personal branding, and career strategy. Packed full of resources to help job seekers make their next successful career move.


  • Became a top-rated book in the Career/Employment field.
  • Helped job seekers across the globe get better jobs, faster, and earn more money.
  • Assisted entry-level job seekers, mid-career professional job seekers, and senior executive jobseekers find better jobs, faster


The entire job search process from beginning to end. Company research, cover letters, resume writing, using simple technology to make a job search easier, tailoring job seekers' marketing materials to the job they're looking for, job interview preparation, addressing difficult interview questions, salary negotiation, benefits package negotiation, making a solid first impression, career success, leveraging Web 2.0 and social media & online social networking sites in a job search, personalized career coaching, job strategy coaching, public speaking, jobseeker training, outplacement consulting, layoff recovery, strategic networking, social networking, getting promotions, lateral career moves, career changes, finding work.


Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves - PAPERBACK

  • 346 Pages packed with useful and clearly-organized information to Get A Job! Fast!
  • More than 80 sources where you can find information on a company
  • Over 70 niche job search sites
  • 160 international organizations
  • Departments of labor throughout the U.S.
  • A giant list of over 860 recruiters and staffing firms around the world, categorized by industry and area of expertise
  • Worksheets, project plans, templates, examples and more.

Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves - E-BOOK

  • All the same useful information contained in the paperback
  • Instantly downloadable, Adobe PDF document able to be read on any computer
  • Easily searchable - just hit CRTL + F to find whatever term, phrase, or company you need
  • Hundreds of links to take you exactly where you need to go on the Internet
  • Printable in its entirety or just the pages you need for last-minute review before an interview
  • Environmentally-friendly electronic edition

Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves - Amazon Kindle Edition

  • All the same great information you can find in all the other versions of Get A Job!
  • Download wirelessly in seconds via Amazon Whispernet
  • Environmentally-friendly electronic edition

Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves - Mobipocket Version

  • All the same great information as the paperback or the Adobe PDF version
  • Specially formatted for display in smartphones and PDAs in use worldwide
  • Instantly downloadable and fully searchable
  • Active links to take you directly to the sites linked in the book

The Job Search Strategist - BLOG Jan 2007 - Present

  • Joint venture with Jim Stroud, Searchologist, recruiter and all-around nice guy
  • Symbiotic relationship with The Recruiter’s Lounge, voted "Best Recruiting Blog of 2008"
  • Free, useful, current, relevant articles, information, resources, links, and a touch of humor to help relieve the stress of a job search

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  • Funny t-shirts related to the book, Get A Job!
  • Coffee cups, tote bags, and other products with catchy slogans for Get A Job!

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  • Profile for Get A Job! on Twitter for fellow Tweeters to follow Get A Job! and get free advice, links, videos and more

Career Strategy Group on Facebook
  • A Facebook group designed to help and connect job seekers around the world with each other, jobs, job opportunities and career advice
  • Online support group where job seekers can post questions, request contacts, vent, and share advice on what works and what doesn’t in today’s job market

David B. Wright author fan page on Facebook

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Get A Job! book fan page on Facebook

  • Facebook fan page for the book, Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves

Selected Speaking Engagements, Media & Press

  • Career Magazine cover story, Aug/Sep 2008
  • Quoted in SHRM Online article "Online Networks Can Enhance Job Searches", October 2006
  • Get A Job! book commercial on YouTube, Get A Job! YouTube Commercial
  • Guest appearance on Career Conversations blogtalkradio show
  • Interviewed on Gary Bremmerman's Power Up English - Success Secrets for Interviews
  • Interviewed on Jim Stroud's "The Recruiter's Lounge" blog
  • Project Management Institute (PMI-Atlanta)
  • Georgia State University
  • GSU Alumni Association / RE: Focus on Careers
  • JCI - Atlanta Jaycees
  • American Intercontinental University
  • Atlanta Technical College
  • The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), Alpharetta Chapter
  • The Southern Center for International Studies
  • American Society for Transportation and Logistics, Atlanta Chapter
  • Still having trouble deciding? How about a sneak peek inside the book so you can see for yourself just how comprehensive, information-packed, and useful GET A JOB! is.

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    Special report and career strategy session By Stephanie C. Harper

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    Don't forget that I offer a better-than-100% money back guarantee! If within 90 days, due to ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or you did not get the expected results after following my strategies and using the information from the book- I'll provide a 100% refund of your money. PLUS you get to keep ALL of the bonuses, even if you do return the book! So it's even better than a RISK-FREE deal - you can't lose!

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    About the author

    David B. Wright has worked in the U.S. and Japan, and has done business around the world. He has helped many people get better jobs via his book, resume writing services, career coaching, and career strategy sessions. He has worked in a variety of roles, ranging from small to large companies and has had a unique and unusual career path. David has been on both sides of the hiring desk, and has had to develop powerful job-hunting skills because of his atypical background, skill set, and career path. Because he has worked in different functions, different industries and in different parts of the world, he often faced a challenge because his experience didn't match the standard 'job requirement' pigeonholes that many companies use when they look to hire new people. Therefore, he had to learn how to write a high-impact resume, cover letter, and to create the rest of the tools in the "job search toolbox" of techniques described in this book. He also extensively looked at the job search process from the standpoint of how to make that process easier, faster, and more automated.